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Addon Technologies has expertise in delivering solutions on .NET platforms. We also have our hands on windows native API (Win32/COM). For various business domains we have developed web-based dashboards so that management of all business aspects can be done online. Websites featuring SQL based dynamic websites with cloud and responsive with mobile.

Our developers have in-depth experience in various technologies that includes MVC, Silverlight, WPF, SQL Server and the list goes on. The Team of Addon Technologies is most excellent with MVC.NET application development. We have delivered top solutions on a vast scale and achieved customer satisfaction. Our consumers trust us because we work with passion, deliver quality, punctual and also provide 30 days free support.

Our ASP.NET MVC Development Services Include

Addon Technologies is known for Contributing Most Excellent ASP.NET Web Development Service Provider in India

  • .Net Migration -Migration might strike you a thought for losing data, but when it comes to Addon Technologies, we assure you that migration to this platform would not lose your data and hampered custom programming.

  • ASP.NET and Windows Apps -We also provide services in the development of ASP. NET apps and Windows apps as per your requirements. Both kinds of version are being developed by us whether it is a desktop or a standalone app.

  • WCF and SilverLight -As we keep using latest technologies into development and provide you the best output. We have mastered our developers in delivering solutions on WCF and SliverLight.

  • Other Development Services - Other services such as Azure, ASP.NET MVC3, MVC4, MVC5, MVC5.1. We are adapted to accept changes with the ongoing technologies and strive hard to accomplish challenges.

  • Our Work - With dedicated team and passionate developers, we have delivered solutions in GPS Tracking System, Medical, Appointment System, Inventory Management, ERP, HR Software, Forex Trading Applications, LMS System, Pharmaceutical Software and more.

Why to Hire ASP.NET Developer from Addon Technologies?

Blueprint Design
Blueprint Design

Our team has design experience, especially with layout design & logos.

convert web form to mvc
Create Web Forms

Creating web forms experience & covert web forms to MVC upgrade from ASP.NET membership to ASP.NET identity.


Converting your application to MVC .NET Framework from existing strong analytical and problem solving abilities.


Ability to adapt quickly to fast-paced changing environment and priorities.

work activities
Collective Activities

Ability to manage multiple concurrent objectives, projects or activities.

latest version of technologies
Up To The Minute Versions

ASP.NET Development enhancements and maintenance in application using latest version.

web based apps

We have expertise in migration from desktop application to web based application.

hiring models
Hiring Models

Flexible engagement models - weekly, monthly, hourly or fixed rate.

Database Competence
Database Competence

Strong database skills, experience in quality assurance and change control processes.

Nopcommerce Expert
Nopcommerce Expert

Knowledge of nopCommerce websites & bespoke .NET applications.

Our Our Expert ASP.NET Developer Skills

  • Languages & Frameworks: C++, C#, XML, T-SQL, JavaScript, COM, ASP.NET, MVC

  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop

  • Platforms: .NET, Win32, Windows, Windows Server, WordPress, Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8, FreeBSD, Linux, Unix, Win32

  • Storage: SQL Server, MySQL, Database Modeling, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, Paradox, R:Base, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Teradata, DB2, Oracle etc.

  • Libraries/APIs: JQuery, Facebook API, Twitter API, etc.
  • Paradigms: Agile Software Development
ASP.NET Developer Skills

Superior ASP.NET MVC Developer for Hire


We work in both ways, either individually or in a team. Our programmers are well equipped in developing substantial web applications. Our teams consist of technologists, and all are passionate in having a real interest in developing a world class system. We make sure that work delivered by us meet your technical requirements and meet business logic.

Addon Technologies always strive in improvising quality of the work; we provide our team with ample opportunities for learning. We also provide you training if you are unaware of operating your application from front and back end both.

Why ASP.NET for Your Applications?

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It provides you a platform to develop enterprise web applications along with this; you can also have control over MVC features. It blends HTML 5 with JavaScript and CSS to produce a dynamic output. Framework of ASP.NET provides you to preserve the states at different stages like view state, cookies, session, control state etc.

We have skillful programmers and have developed more than 200 applications with quality, passion and dedication. Our ASP.NET web developers are most excellent in customizing code that meets your requirements.

Advantage of Using ASP.NET

The Main Advantages of ASP.NET MVC Framework Development Includes,

  • Reduce Amount of Code -ASP.NET reduces the amount of code that is required for developing large and complex applications. It increases the development speed and reduces the cost incurred on development. You can develop enormous web app solutions, applications and social networking websites.

  • Continuous Monitoring -With the help of Web Server all the pages, components, applications can be constantly monitored. If any illegal or unusual activity such as memory leaks, infinite loop, request time exceed in query processing, application restarts automatically after destroying, all these activities are monitored.

  • Security -Most important concern for any application is secure, as this is not open source, but a paid framework security is maintained. There is inbuilt Windows Authentication and it is per app configuration that makes your applications secured.

  • Server and Client Side Control -ASP.NET has the feature of client and server side control in which you can develop wizards, calendars and interactive grids. It is easy and straightforward to use, there is complexity in using the module of the client or the server side.

  • Maintenance -As the source code is executed on the server side due to which flexibility is being available on the web pages. HTML feature is also there due to which maintenance, editing and updating becomes easy.

Asp.net Advantages

Hire Dedicated ASP.NET Developer for Back-to-Back Projects!

Addon Technologies has an experienced team of certified ASP.NET developers, who possesses a number of year's expertise familiar with knowledge of developing performance-oriented, dynamic, custom, cloud based apps for the latest Microsoft .NET platform. Hire ASP.NET application developer from Addon Technologies with cost-effective rates to build powerful, rapid and cross platform web applications for your business.

Advantage of Using ASP.NET Web Forms V/S MVC!

  • It enables you to control over rendered HTML.
  • Ease of integration with JavaScript frameworks.
  • It follows the design of the stateless nature of the web.
  • Contributes in a clean separation of concerns (SOC).
  • MVC provides a leaner page and a clean HTML so loading time is faster and quicker.

  • There is crystal clear separation between layers of Model, View and Controller.

What ASP.NET Incorporates?

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We Provide ASP.NET Development with Latest Features & MVC.NET Advantages

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC 5 Website Development & Secure Your Business Information.

  • Select cultures to localize in ASP.NET
  • Update your E-commerce website in ASP.NET 3.0 or 4.0
  • With the help of Authenticated Membership and SQL Database to Windows Azure we deploy a secure ASP.NET MVC

  • MVC 5 App with Facebook and Google OAuth2 Sign-on & Other Social Network

  • For Facebook and Google Authentication Sign-on and another social networking develops MVC5 Apps.

  • Develop Application that includes Filters and Attributes
  • Designing of an ASP.NET MVC5 Application using ASP Lifecycle
  • Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure
  • With the help of Windows Azure build real world cloud apps
  • No more hacking on your ASP.NET Applications
  • No complexity in nature of the application because view State and Post Back events are not present.

  • With the help of JavaScript integration in other third party apps is easy.
  • With the use of Storage Tables, Queues, and Blobs .NET Multi- Tier application can be made.

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