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AngularJS Applications Development

Bringing you the best AngularJS Apps Development Solutions. By using AngularJS in your project get benefit of powerful UI controls for binding two way complex data with best architectural design for your client side application.

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Building web apps with AngularJS

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We Addon Technologies provide AngularJS Development Solutions for mobile and web applications with better architectural design which is easy to maintain and test with multiple devices. We are known for Best AngularJS Development Company in India. We have expert team for Hire AngularJS Developer with different hiring models and get done your complex job with easy steps at Addon Technologies. We deliver perfect AngularJS Web App Solutions and right attitude with highest level of quality for your complex business application demand.

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Why AngularJS for Rich Internet Application Development?

As MVC architecture is best for any web or mobile application development and it is not new but on JavaScript client side Google and a community of JavaScript Developers developed AngularJS with concept of MVC on client side with aim to make easy rich internet applications and testing for those application. In today’s world many rich internet application already developed and still it’s growing with new height and to do responsive single-page web application or a rich website user interface use this AngularJS Framework for your all applications.

Get AngularJS Application Development for Enterprise Apps! We have extensive deep enough experience in using AngularJS as a front end technology for RIA web and mobile application development. AngularJS Application Development has numerous advantage compare to other JS framework as Goodle and his team supporting dedicatedly for this framework for it future. In terms of benefit get started any projects in minutes with writing less code for your AngularJS Apps Development, It is providing flexibility with filters and enterprise level testing wihch is more important. Hire AngularJS Developer from Addon Technologies to know more.

All Time JavaScript Framework Contributors

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Hire AngularJS Developer Team

Do you have an idea for developing browser based Rich Internet Application Development? Let’s discuss further for your project and build Angular JS team for your idea to implement in reality with Hiring AngularJS Developer Team from Addon Technologies with easy steps. Our AngularJS Application Development with Google Chrome Applications, Custom Web Applications, Cross Platform Mobile Application, Rich Client Side Animation, Single Page Responsive Apps and Plug-Ins and Extensiont Development is something that separates us from our competitors and put us one steps ahead with best solutions in AngularJS Framework.

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Angular.JS Developer Skills and Responsibility

AngularJS Developer Skiils

1. JavaScript, MEAM (Mongo, Express, Angular, NodeJS)
3. Web Services, REST, XML, JSON
4. Responsive Design, BootStrap, jQuery
5. Database: MySQL, MSSQL
6. Other Languages: PHP, ROR, JAVA

Responsibility and Role

1. Able to work in a Team and lead other team member.
2. Able to developing custom web applications.
3. Able to write reusable code.
4. Experienced with globalization/localization app development
5. Work with stakeholders during the requirement gathering and acceptance testing process
6. Daily basis communication with updating status.

Benefits using AngularJS in your next projects

  • - Save time with reusing HTML Components.
  • - Develop localization based Application.
  • - MVC based framework for client side programming.
  • - Get two way data binding and synchronization with MODEL and DOM.
  • - REST friendly
  • - More HTML vocabulary
  • - It’s Open Source under Apache License Version 2.0
  • - Better testing environment with adding Unit Testing in front-end code.
  • - Lowering the development time for your apps development within a modular style
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