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We Don't Just Create User Interacts But We Also Create Best User Experiences

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We are skilled in User Interface Design (UID) & Mobile App Design. We are present finest design of websites, web applications, desktop apps, mobile devices, table UI and software applications. Our prime focus is on the user's experience with front-end or back-end interaction with the system.

User Interface Design requires a good perception of a user's need. We have experienced Mobile UI Designer who collects your information and design as per your requirements. The layout on mock-up should be discussed in different stage. Our UX/UI Designer has prominent understanding of user-centered design principles, excellent visual design skills, and technical knowledge. The Addon Technologies team also has proven expertise in interaction design.

Our User Interface Design Cycle



Usability Inspection


Task Analysis


Usability Testing

Graphic Interface

Why You Need To Hire Mobile UI Designer From Addon Technologies?

Technical Skill

Technical Skill

Experience with Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS3, CS5, CS6, Xcode and Strong typographic skills.


Multi Task

Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks; comfortable with tight deadlines.



Mastery of color selection based on subject, layout, typography and usability.



Working closely with our UX/IX designers, business analysts and development team.

User Experience

Users Experience

A strong understanding of current web practices (flat UI,Rretina display) to create an efficient user-experience.



Excellent analytical, organizational, and communication skills.



Our designers have 6+ years extensive experience of designing native applications, cross platform app and mobile web.

Interactive Environment


Create appropriate mock-up, sketches, navigation models, highly-polished look and feel drawings, etc. in a very interactive environment.

  • Who are your targeted audiences?
  • Whom are you taregting? A specific geogrpahical area or different criterion?
  • Who would intreact with your mobile web app or software?
  • What devices does your target audiences uses(Smartphone, Tabs)?
  • What are the needs of your audiences?
  • What is your business goal?
  • Where do users get instruction and from where the content comes?
  • Where do your audiences use this app and what information everyone need from you?
  • Where do your brands need to hit?
  • When your organization should qualify for mobile strategy?
  • When should your audience access mobile content?
  • How is your organization equipped in maintaining mobile and web achievements?
  • How should your achievements be impressed?

What Will Be Included Mobile App UI Design Services?

  • We are building the human experience!
  • Software Product Application and UI/UX Development
  • Web Communication Strategy Development
  • Mobile App Wire-Frames and Mock-up
  • Android User Interface Designing Services
  • iPhone App UI Designs Solutions
  • Mobile UI/UX Development
  • Final PSD Design for User Interface
  • Responsive Design Solutions
  • Cross Platform App Design
  • Hire UX/UI Designer
  • Windows Mobile User Interface Design Services

We Synthesize 6 Components To Provide 100% Offering!

Our Offering Services

User Interface Principles We Use

  • Perception is Best
  • Blend Your Words and Messages Effectively
  • Use Colors Conveniently
  • Bring Out Value
  • Stay Sharpen
  • Flexible Design
  • Reusability

User wants a flow that is directional, delivered straight forward instead of end-user trying to search on its own. A smart navigation concept should be the heart of UI design. The ability to deliver efforts in a way that the user is elated.

Text displayed on the screen is the primary source of information for the users. Make your text easier to understand. Messages should be formed positively and provide insight to user to use the app properly. It should be displayed in a consistent place on the screen.

Utmost care should be taken while selecting colors. We use colors in a delicate manner so it does not highlight on the screen and user can read the content properly. Consistency is maintained by us while using colors.

We understand what the user is supposed to derive from the UI, and why value is important to end-user. We always make the UI with a simple concept and keeping in mind end-user navigation. Our UI is such that user would be directed to his expectation easily.

Design should be sharp enough to give out the rich look to the end-user. Communication helps to provide output with a better result. We always updated with ongoing changes in the design world and implement those in work. Deliver the design in a purposeful and meaningful way.

We take utmost care that design is flexible and it reduces the cost of mistakes. Whether it's any OS or any browser or Smartphone, our design is flexible enough to fit into any device size and deliver user a vivid experience. We try to prevent errors considering each and every aspect.

We believe in quality and we always accept the challenges that come on our way. We reuse our design so that it saves time for the user to rethink over the design again and again.

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