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Mobile Website Development Services

Smartly Connect With Your Smartphone And Tablet Users

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A Number of users are increasing day by day, so the development of mobile applications is also increasing to reach to targeted audiences. So, how would you stand out your brand in the market? Now its the time to go mobile. Consider your target audiences and their expectations when they visit your website on Smartphones.

SmartPhone audiences are fast and are looking for quick and easily accessible websites. If you have mobile application for your ecommerce store and it's updated with latest UI and load easily, you will attract more audiences and increase your sales.

Mobile Website Solutions

Why You Need a Mobile Website?

  • 75% Shoppers do online shopping from their smartphone.
  • 54% Shoppers search retailers through SmartPhone.
  • 48% Users used promotion and coupon codes on SmartPhone.
  • $119 Billion will spent by smart phone users - by 2015

Mobile Website Solutions

  • Responsive web design
  • CMS responsive web site solutions
  • Convert existing sites into Mobile websites
  • Increase traffic, visits
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Increases revenue
Mobile Website Solutions

How We Build Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile Friendly Website
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It is a common conception of the user that a desktop site works well with the mobile and tab devices also. We help you to understand that both platforms have different development and the site should be responsive to perform well on mobile and tablet devices.

We understand the value of customers and their Smarphone usage; our mobile website developer provides you prominent solution for mobile website development. We take utmost care while designing; our innovative designers provide you qualitative design using the least graphics and UI. Addon Technologies are known for the quality and punctuality in delivering solutions.

Mobile Friendly Websites Vs. Non Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendly Website

Reach Customers Expectations

Customers are not always in front of laptops or desktops. If your customer can't use your site at their convenience, you are unable to deliver customer's expectations. Building a mobile optimize site with essential features and easy navigations, would make your customer stick to your business.

Loss In Business

Reach your customers with a mobile friendly, responsive site that includes easy navigation, fast loading pages, high quality content and relevant products. Keep those growing number of users high with mobile websites and increase your business.

Keep Existing User Engaged

While your site is on the go, the users which are already used to your site would be using it while they are travelling. People are more engaged on the mobile site as compared to the desktop version. Having a mobile site is increasing the sales along with keeping in touch with current users.

Non Mobile Friendly Website

New Customers Can't Search You

If you are unable to update your desktop website to a mobile site, it will not target your potential mobile customers. If your site is unable to perform on smart phones you are unable to find new customers.


Yes, Google would penalize you if you don't have a mobile optimize website. Many sites are still ongoing on with degraded content, images, navigation structures that are not working with smartphone devices. Why would Google penalize you? Because Google would consider your website as less liked and would legitimate search result.

Existing Customer Disengaged

If your email brochure, newsletter is not mobile friendly and sent via mail, it may not open on mobile devices due to which the user might get annoyed and unsubscribe from the mailing list. As the majority of your customers are busy and read their communications on the go, hence they don't have time to read annoying mails.

Developing the Mobile Friendly Website Using Right Skills Set

We adopt upcoming trends and implement with latest technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 and framework such as Bootstraps, jQuery and many more. With the help of using up-to-date tools, we deliver enriched solutions. We also take utmost care that the solutions we deliver are browser compatible and fit in each screen size smartphones.

Mobile Friendly Website Development

We Consider Following Points To Deliver Mobile Optimize Website!

  • User Friendly
  • Use Attractive Graphics
  • Loading Time
  • Search Box
  • Ease Navigation Menus
  • Social Media Network
  • Communication

Simplicity is a vital part to keep website mobile friendly. When a site is overloaded with content it does not attract user to go further. Many users use smart phones and Tablets for business purpose, hence while developing site utmost care should be taken.

User Friendly Website

As compared to desktop site, graphic rendering capacity mobile has very less, hence if heavy graphics are used in website then it may take longer processing to open in a smart phone. User needs quick and easy access to website with minimum loading time and information in hand.

Attractive Graphics

No one has time to wait and see the loader on the screen, hence due to which user might close the tab.Customers are more likely to wait on load for 3 or 5 seconds. If website owner fails to load within time, business is at a loss.

Website Loading Time

Each website is filled with information, hence sometimes the user are unaware to get their relevant content so they try to search on the website. Search box on the site should be mobile friendly, so that user can get the information easily. When information is not available, it will display 404 error message.

Mobile Friendly Search

All the pages of navigations are impossible to set; even if they are set then performance is affected. Hence, only the pages which are informative to the user should be set to fit in the screen. The Hierarchy should be made and link attached to the menu to redirect user at relevant information.

Easy Menu Navigation

In today's social world it is necessary to be updated on social media network. Company profile over social media should be made in order to attract users and business. Connect your company page over social media to your website so that user can know the reputation of your overall website.

Social Media Network

Instead giving user effort to search the contact us page to communicate with you, better provide an option for communication with text or call button. It shows how you are concerned for your user's precious time.

Click to Call

Serving your business through mobile platform is the fastest way to grow your business and spread your business worldwide. Smartphone users are increasing every hour and so do your visitors, developing a mobile responsive website would provide your user easy way to contact, know about you & your services.

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