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GPS Tracking Application & Software Development

What is GPS & GPS Tracking System?

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GPS - Global Positioning System is radio navigation system. It is formed with a constellation of 24 satellites with their grounded stations. The GPS tracking system is a method to get information of exactly where something is. Example: you have parked your vehicle, but you are unable to remember the location, with the help of GPS tracking system you can know the location of your vehicle via mobile. With the information on mobile you can track your vehicle parked easily. It provides you the exact location. It is also used to track the movement of the vehicle or person.

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

control vehicle

Full Control On Moving Assets

Till now you trusted your driver for the updates of time and place, now no more. Get real time updates with GPS tracking and have control on vehicles.

profit plus


With tracking time and place can be known, hence, delivery of goods can be done with appropriate time and fuel costs can be reduced. Thus daily activities can be more in transit and you can earn more profit.

remote work

Eye On Remote Work Force

Get the updates what drivers are doing, are they over speeding, had a halt, and diverted to another route etc. Hence, you can catch those undisciplined drivers and take an action.

decision making

Decision Making

It provides you, data which can be calculated like how many more deliveries can be possible? How much time needed for the next delivery, Interval between two transport deliveries etc. With this information, decisions can be made easily for further transit operations.

mobile direction
plan your delivery

Plan Your Delivery/Pick Up Points

As a business grows, it is crucial to plan your points of pick and delivery, with a tracking system if any roadblock or any traffic issues are there you can plan the nearest possible point.

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How is It Useful for a Company?

If you have a fleet of taxies and you provide it on rent, you have transport business and deliver goods on trucks, have a business of packers and movers etc. For such kind of business it becomes difficult to locate where exactly the vehicle is? Or any fraud is being made with respect to consumer goods etc. can be tracked easily with the help of GPS tracking software. Would you like to track your vehicles in one place? Concerned about the unnecessary fuel cost and rough engine usage? Need to manage tracking from desktop or Mobile app? If yes, then Addon Technologies will help you with this.

Addon Technologies has brought a revolution in GPS tracking solutions and are very well know for designing GPS custom application solutions as per the business needs. We can integrate with almost any tracking device on your vehicle, pets, assets or any other personnel. Our system is easy to use and you get every crucial detail so, how these details will help you?

  • It would increase the driver productivity
  • Reduces loss in fuel and maintenance charges
  • Assure safety for assets
  • Accidents can be reduced by taking precautions
  • Time can be committed for delivery
  • It provides you a REAL TIME TRACKING

Services Offered In GPS By Addon Technologies

GPS Custom Application Solutions

Addon Technologies deliver GPS custom Application Solutions as per specific industry needs. We work with the latest tools, methods to develop GPS apps. Our expertise is in all programming languages such as ASP.NET, PHP, and JAVA. Our solutions are also in the mobile realm with Android and iPhone GPS tracking apps.

GPS Tracking Software Development

You need a standalone desktop, an app or a web application from which you can track your vehicles. We can develop unique, customized GPS tracking software and integrate it with Google maps to provide you real time tracking information.

GPS Tracking Mobile App Development

We constantly strive to improve our solutions, in the mobile realm our approach is to develop app that is user friendly and provides appropriate useful data. With the help of mobile GPS app you can get info about the location of a person, vehicle or any object. We have developed GPS tracking mobile app in iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

GPS Tracker Integration

Configuration of the device with your system would get you the tracking details easily. We can enable communication with the device and software system to start updating with the location details. You can get latitude, longitude, speed, temp, time, mileage etc. With the help of these details you can manage your vehicles easily and generate profit.

Build a Location-Based Mobile App

Providing Location-Based mobile app development services our Location Based Services (LBS) is the only complete end-to-end LBS solution with these innovative solutions, you receive revenue-producing applications for different platform.

Hire GPS Application Developer

To develop GPS app it is not easy, for that you require in-depth knowledge of API, integration with system and many more. Hire GPS software developer from Addon Technologies who is experienced, skilled, and an expert with the system. You would get in touch with a connoisseur team of developers who would provide you desired application solution as per your specifications. Our developers keep themselves updated with upcoming technologies and explore innovative ideas to deliver solutions in a competitive market. Technologies known: ASP.NET, MVC 5, Java etc.

Hire GPS Mobile App Developer

We deliver unique mobile Apps for complex requirements. As technology is moving at a speed, our developers are parallel with the speed of technology. We take utmost scare of vital points such as a display of the app in a landscape or portrait mode, no long wait at start ups, no memory consumption, appropriate battery usage etc. which do harms the quality and performance of mobile app. Hire GPS Mobile Application Developer who blends their expertise and knowledge; with proper planning and implementing strategy we deliver the most excellent solutions.

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What is The Difference Between AGPS & GPS?

Full Form
Assisted Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System
Source of Information
It obtains information from radio signals via satellites and assistance servers Eg: Cellular network site
Only radio signals from GPS based Satellites
As connection with cellular sites they can deliver information faster
It takes several minutes more as connection is established via satellites
Less reliable
Accuracy within 1 meter co-ordinates
Costs Incurred
Resource used is mobile network so cost incurred is more
Communicates directly with satellites and hence it is free
Where It Is Used
Mobile Phones
Ship, cars, cargo, fleet, pets, etc.
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