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For Testing Mobile Apps, Websites And Softwares, Hire QA Engineer at Budget Friendly Rates!

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It's common believing that once tested by programmer or project manager the products works fine. But it is not true, so what you can do to make a bug free product? There are various kinds of testing techniques, a number of tools, dozens of technologies and the infinite possibilities of testing. Whether it comes to testing of back end or front end of website our QA team is well equipped with knowledge. Addon Technologies is top in providing quality assurance services globally; we also have expertise in mobile app testing.

Why Mobile Apps And Website Need To Be Tested Before Launching?

  • We make sure that the product functions according to expectations, and as per the scope of the document.

  • Testing mobile apps on real devices and also on emulators from the lower version to the latest updated version.

  • Fingers over the touch screen are not as same as mouse clicks, we take utmost care while making website responsive and test it exceedingly with all the criteria.

  • Browser version and OS are a crucial part to be tested when it comes to website, as website may not respond to our expectations in different environments. We have an environment set up with different OS such as MAC OS, Linux and Windows 8.1 (latest).

  • Going through almost each and every possibility, we assure a bug free solution.

Have Your Website / Software Professionally Tested?

Looking for Hire Tester / Hire QA Engineer? We are Providing Experienced QA Tester for Your Project On Full Time Or Part Time Hiring Model.

Our Approach Towards Testing

On the initial level, we make it mandatory to go with two methods of testing such as white box and black box. Our QA engineers take into account these two approaches while designing different test cases depending on the requirements.

white box testing

Code-Based Testing

As the name says white means something which is clear and you can see through it, this method takes into account the internal structure, its design and overall implementation. Our testers are updated with all the internal working of the system so that they can perform testing methods. It is applicable to lower level of testing:

Unit and Integration Testing
For white box testing, QA should have knowledge of programming and implementation. Test cases are based on Detail Design.

black box testing

Black-Box Behavirol Testing

In Black Box method no internal code is taken into consideration. As the name is Black Box only concern over here is input and output. QA does not consider internal design or implementation. Black Box is applicable to a higher level:

Acceptance and System Testing
For testing, programming and implementation knowledge is not required. Test cases are based on requirement specification.

gray box testing

Translucent Testing

Gray Box testing is a combination of White Box and Black Box. In Black Box method internal structure is unknown to QA and in White Box the internal structure is known. In Gray Box the knowledge of the internal structure is partially known. This quality assurance service is performed so that testers can have partial knowledge of internal as well as external structure.

This is applicable to other levels of testing, but primarily useful in integration method.

What Kind Of Testing We Do?

Efficient Quality Assurance Services Offered By Us

Productive Testing Services
Mobile App

We define an overall quality level in front-end and back-end.

We take utmost care while checking the compatibility with hardware and software.

As per specifications provided by client, functional testing is performed.

User Interface & Design
Validate Design with accuracy and app GUI with respect to the specification.

Check hardware resources for mobile as memory leakage issues are present.



Mobile Devices and Server
After any updated functionality, QA again test the modified application / website /software.

Build Acceptance
Our QA perform crucial functions and processes for the final build.

Confirm the stability of an application with minimum requirement of hardware.

We carter user friendly apps and testing report that are easy to understand.

Negative test scenarios are also considered to produce bug and resolve it.

SQL injections Database
Threat via SQL injection to database is also taken care of to protect Database.


Testing website with different screen size to conclude that it supports responsive design.

Native Apps vs. Mobile Apps

Testing of native app is particularly done for the platform concerned device. It is installed directly into device. Web App, is basically an internet enabled app that can be accessible with the help of mobile device web browser.

Different QA Methods We Use Based On Application Requirements!

Some Of Other Testing Services Proposed By Addon Technologies!

  • We deal with quality assurance services of Manual and Automation at budget rate.
  • Whether it's e Clinical Trail Management system or any other Web Application, we test and validate it.
  • Front-End and Back-End testing of Website.
  • Test Website on Multiple OS such as on Mac (OS X) system, Linux OS, Windows OS.
  • Most of the websites are tested with applying maximum load to know the pressure of load your website can handle.
  • Website, applications & software development code review.
Software Testing Services

What Responsibility Does a QA Engineer Have at Addon Technologies?

What are the Skills Our Software Quality Assurance Person?

  • We have QA team that has 6+ years of experience in developing automated tests using Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver and also have expertise in different tools. They are also well enhanced with Java programming, Maven and Jenkins.

  • Whenever there is any requirement from the client, our QA analyzes the requirement before proceeding further.

  • Participate in making test cases and also determine the defect where it has occurred and get fix with the developer team.

  • Communicating with the client to know the expectation and fulfill it.

  • QA also make suggestion documents in order to make the equality standards high of the product and deliver the best output to the end user.

  • Performs manual testing and improves product quality by finding crucial and minor defects.

  • Experience with defect tracking software.

  • Knowledge of bug cycle and work according to it.

  • Conduct timely meetings and get reviews from the team.

Are You Convinced With Above Quality Assurance Services ?

Now you are ready to hire QA engineer for testing your websites / mobile apps and give you 100% bug-free solution. Contact us, connect on Skype or Email us with your requirement. Our highly experienced professionals are available 24*7 to work with you at affordable cost.

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