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Every live website requires regular maintenance to keep it up-to-date with latest design and information for its business as well as to protect it from hackers. There is nothing worse than having a website with a group of outdated information plotted on it. Not only you be penalized by Google in search results, but occasionally you will lose potential customers as well. Our company is helping you for updating your app / software / website on a regular basis.

What is Software Maintenance?

The process of upgrading and optimizing & deploying software and also rectify its defects. It is one of the phases in software development process followed by the deployment of software. Software maintenance also includes any kind of advancement to existing software; such as upgradation, removal of critical defect or adding new functionality to enhance the use of software and its applications.

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What is Website Maintenance?

Activities that can perform monthly, regularly or as per your requirements. It is done in order to keep the website going smoothly. With the latest upgradation in technologies and adapting those into website would keep your website more secure and up to date. This would affect the experience of the user and you can gain a vast user base. While under maintenance a message displayed so the user won't get confused and come back to your website after the maintenance time completed.

What is Mobile App Maintenance?

Mobile applications are becoming popular today and the use of Smartphones and tablets are increasing tremendously high these days. The demand for delivering rich interface and high end performance is what the user expecting. To compete with competitors you must need to upgrade and if application is connected with any cloud database, it should be maintained at a regular interval. Provide user the best of what you can by maintaining the existing user and creating more users.

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What is Web App Maintenance?

Time changes and so do the technologies too; web apps need to be updated with latest functionalities, designing or any security issues. Maintenance cost is also if it is maintained at a regular interval. Some web apps require constant monitoring and changes are frequent in that case if the web app is maintained properly new changes will be easily applied and lesser cost.

We are Websites, Mobile Apps & Software Maintenance Service Provider Company In India - Addon Technologies

How We Provide Maintenance Services

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While working on various applications in different domain we have adapted ourselves into maintenance. We strongly recommend, upgrading software versions with time, so you can get access to latest technological advantages and your business will grow. Continuously enhancing the software and provide user experience with the latest upgrades in web apps, software, mobile app.

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Check Ups

Maintenance requires having regular checkups at a specific interval. Whether it's software or a regular checkup regarding to the hardware, RAM depends upon the performance required. As in Mobile apps if any changes are there, the performance should not be reduced. For web apps any security concern must be checked if any unusual activity is occurring. Whether checkups are done monthly, regularly or as per your intervals we take utmost care and present you the detailed report timely.

Installation and Technical Support

We also provide services of process of installation. Sometimes the upgradation is not simple as it seems, some paths or some complex configurations are required to be performed in order to get that update done. When it comes to web app maintenance any new feature is upgraded and a module is added in the backend we take that. We help you in using the feature and also provide technical support.

Technical Support
Website Migration


A stage comes when you need to think to migrate your existing system to the latest version. Migration of the system may provide you some extra features and benefits as compared to upgradation of the system. We have specialized in migration of software, web apps like to migrate from PHP to Magento, E-commerce store online. We have good expertise in the migration of Mobile apps from Native to hybrid and many more. We guide for the process of migration and also help you in knowing the facts of migration.

Database Maintenance

There are various kinds of database which is used by different platform, MYSQL is one of them. Our experts are having knowledge of different database such as Oracle, MongoDB and others. We maintain a library format in a well organized manner. We take utmost care that functionality is not lost and any kind of malfunctioning is not there. Regular backup of database is being taken; we keep copies of database securely. We check sign of corruption, rebuild indexes, and delete duplication of records and that create a problem.

Database Maintenance

5 Reasons to Have a Website Maintenance or Mobile App Upgrading Plan

It might be confusing for the non-technical person that why to update the website. But we know why you need to upgrade and keep regular maintenance for your website, here are a few reasons:

  • fresh content
  • mobile app
  • web app
  • speed
  • Backup

Fresh Content

While your business is online you need to update fresh content regularly in order to engage your existing customer and attract new customers. The Search engine also entertains fresh content due to which the reputation of site and overall business is increased. For a successful SEO friendly and quality content is needed to rank your website on top. We help you to update content on a website.

Additional Functionality In Web / Mobile App

It might lead you to frustration when it comes to including additional functionalities into existing web/Mobile app. All features may not grow your business; we help you in understanding the benefits of the functionalities and recommend you to update the same for the growth of your business. Our team has full knowledge in the functionalities of web/Mobile apps.

Re-Design Mobile / Web App

Periodic design of the website or mobile app will keep your existing customer engaging and also invite new customers. We help you to make your website mobile friendly and with the latest trend of design into your app. Incorporating different social media would help you in improving the reusability of app or website. When you get a strike to think of designing, approach us and we would be glad to help you out.


It becomes frustrating while a website taking more time to load, thus you may lose your customer. With upcoming technologies, cloud based servers are used to provide most excellent speed to give your customer a better surfing experience. We have knowledge in migration of servers and we recommend you to consider speed as the reason for the growth and let us help you to reach your customers with cost effective solutions.


It is necessary to have back-up regularly as with time new technology may fail to give you an expected output. Business can be saved if a regular back up of images, data, files, third party updates etc. being saved. Back up differs from system to system and thus expert can guide you very well when it comes to back up, because unnecessary backup may sustain huge costs.

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  Why We as a Website Maintenance Service Provider?

We are the best website maintenance & a support company in India. We make legal agreements for your product maintenance with on-going support. Why we are known as best web maintenance & a support agency in India check this:

  • Budget friendly, convenient and profitable
  • Provide you all the necessary & important details
  • We work with professional and innovative developers
  • We believe in cent percent transparency, flexibility and our commitments
  • Back up at regular interval
  • Versatile communication skills for tech support and we use Online Project Management Tool
  • As per requirement, we also provide daily call facilities and status report at the end of the day
  • Our support team has 3 ~ 5 industry experience
  • Maintenance of ongoing CMS, E-commerce website
  • Team tries to cover up request in less time and with quality solutions
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