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Why You Need To Hire Remote Developer? Remote Working, Made Easy

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Using Remote workers means your candidates aren't limited to a certain geographical location - you can hire the best one, regardless of location and get benefit from talented person around the world. You might be having questions that how to hire and manage Virtual employees?

  • It lets you hire good people who can't move frequently.
  • Prior highly experience and bigger talent pool for expert's choice.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Solid technical Skills work with talented people from around the world.
  • Easy coding method and highly knowledgeable staff.
  • Strict offered hourly working per day.
  • Latest hardware/software infrastructure.
  • Leased line internet connection.
  • Minimum 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of working.
  • A favorable development environment with complete infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed timely communication through emails and messengers.
  • Daily and weekly basis work reporting as per clients needs.

Remote Software And Web Development Company in India

We provide technical staff for your project and managing them with Addon Technologies is straight forward. We present Remote staffing solutions for web application software, website and mobile applications. Not only we provide staffing, but also we deal in offering Remote developers with your team, based upon your requirements.

As per our past experience and client satisfaction on Remote staffing services, we are known as one of the best Remote staffing agencies in India. Yes, it is natural that questions do strike on your mind like how can I make sure my Remote developers are not dodging off work. We have solutions for the same; Remote staff management is easy using latest and updated technology where you get accurate time management for Virtual developers on a daily basis.

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Make Your Business Website / Application And Save Up To 60% Cost!

How To Manage Remote Software Developer?

You might be thinking about how to manage a Virtual technical staff, here are some of the basic question your mind have a strike.

  • How would developer work on an hourly basis?
  • Who would be there to track hours, Can I keep track on hours of working?

  • Can communication be healthy in Remote environment?
  • How I can supervise my professional's daily task and activities?
  • Can I provide feedback to my team?
  • I need to do meetings regularly would that be possible?
  • How would I trust programmer qualities and experience?
  • Is programmer equipped to work with other team mates overseas?

Hire Virtual Developer To Execute Your Project With 60% Saving On Total Rates!

Hiring a dedicated full-time Virtual developer from India and you would be benefited with minimum cost structure and developer having excellent skills along with domain expertise also. After you hire Remote developer from Addon Technologies you would get direct access to your selected developers or project managers, after that you can communicate via Email, or any messenger. Our developers would follow the plans, procedures and work keeping in mind deadlines of the project.

Why It is Cost Cutting?

It is cost cutting because, in Virtual working model, you don't need to spend over infrastructures, or any cost over the software from your end. When it comes to tech startups, it requires skilled programmers, latest hardware, testing and many other essential things that are expensive in the practical world, hence better and budget able option is the Remote employee model.

Once you hire our dedicated Virtual employees, you would find it smooth to use of technology to get things done. We are having solutions for any of your doubts; managing Virtual programmer team will be comfortable.

What is the Most Excellent Way To Set Up a Remote Developer?

Are You Hesitated In Choosing Virtual Developer? Facts to Be Considered Before You Choose Our Virtual Employee for Making Your Business Applications.

take interview

Take Interview

As a company we hire qualitative people. Interview is the best procedure to know the in and out of a person. We invite you to interview our developer before deploying to any project.
sign agreement

Sign Legal Agreements

Being confidential and secure is what the client expects; we build trust and healthy relationship by signing in legal terms. Agreements such as NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and other needful as per the client requirements.
Rapid Communication

Rapid Communication

Our developers are available with Skype/Gtalk messenger and also project management tool to help clients to see the progress with screen sharing, add tickets, keep track of work etc.
task for developer

Define Task for Developer

The Project manager is there to look after your project and provide reports and updates regularly. If you are unaware of the task, how would developer work on? Then we have a project manager to guide a path and reach towards your expectations.
work tracking

Work Tracking Software

Being transparent we would provide you reports through our software which capture screen so that you can get overall details of the working hours, coding and time taken for searching if needed.
hr policy

Manage HR Policy

We don't include HR policy when it comes to Virtual developer. No leaves or timing, etc. to be taken care of. We would take care of all this crucial part on behalf of your company.

Hire Remote Developer India And Get Remote Development Services at Affordable Rate

Do you have an idea for a website, mobile apps, online business or web application, but need a Virtual programmer to turn that idea into reality?

Looking for Remote Android Developer? / Hire Remote iPhone Developer

We offer first-rated iPhone App Developer and android programmer. Our developers have expertise with different domain for various industries.

Hire Remote Java Developer / Virtual Asp.net Programmer

Our java and ASP.Net Developers not only develop but also design high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems. They deliver optimum quality results and performance based on your requirements.

Provide Savvy Remote Magento Developer / Virtual PHP Developer

Our formulated Virtual Magento Developers perform coding with respect to technical specification. Our team lead will analyze the document and provide solutions for the bugs reported. We also provide options to hire Remote Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal Developer for your website development and designing.

Tips for Hiring "Remote Developers"

The following tips are from our experience in providing superior productivity while working remotely.

  • It's necessary to do a little self-reflection and think about how you can do your most excellent work. Based on that thinking you would work with an excellent team and lead your project successful.
  • Cut down on email and use alternatives where possible, using online tools such as project management software, collaborative creation tools and more. This would help you to feel comfortable while communicating with the expert team mates.
  • Be detailed as much as possible and discuss more before starting a project, including project scope, deadlines and your final expectations, to avoid overruns and misunderstandings during project development.
  • Schedule meetings regularly, phone calls so that people are available with their work reports whenever meeting or on calls, avoid interrupting unexpectedly with regular updates for the system and status.
  • Two toxic things are destroying our productivity. We call them Managers and Meetings but we have found solution using technology. Assign task to Virtual hired developers such as Meaningful, Creative, Thoughtful and Important.

Hire Virtual Programmers from India & Get Access to Developers Directly

Remote work requires a different set of practices. Yes, you can have direct control over developers and project manager. Communication is at ease and project work done with expected results. Hire one or team of Remote employees (Virtual Developer) at a fraction of the cost that you pay for your in-house employees locally.

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