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Location Based Mobile Application Development

How its work? Location-based services use a Smartphone’s GPS data to track a person's location and based on that app will manipulate data on device or server and render data according to user location and provide some alerts and more.

Location-Based Application Development

Build Location Based Services Mobile App

Today we are living in personalization/customization era where contextual information matters more. Location of users/consumers plays the vital role in the creation of real contexts. With the advent of Global Positioning System (GPS), GIS (Geographical Information Systems), spatial & positioning technologies, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), the Internet technologies (WLAN), and mobile + wearable technologies, the location-based services (LBS) become more relevant and useful in every strata of human life.
For the very reason, today we are witnessing a steep surge of LBS applications in the market and new doors of the opportunities are opening rapidly for all segments of the market including end-users, companies/industries, businesses, developers, vendors/manufacturers, and app stores.

What is LBS (Location-Based Services)?

The mobile devices, positioning technologies, and mobile networks together are capable of delivering the users, real-time, value adding information or services based on the current location of the users’ mobile devices. It all happen automatically without any effort from the users to provide the location details manually at all.
In simple words, LBS linked with location information, so it is location-Aware or in a broad sense, the Context-Aware services.

How LBS Works?

Location-based services (LBS) are working on location tracking concept. Fundamentally, in the Location Tracking, the location of the device/person/tagged object defined based on the mathematical calculations of trigonometry.
In simple term, it is trilateration or triangulation, and now the multilateration systems work. The triangulation calculates three different angles around the object while in multilateration, more than three.
Initially, Space Satellites used in the location tracking for military purposes. However, today we have an extensive list of location tracking technologies used for outdoor, indoor, and hybrid purposes.

Technologies Involved in LBS

Handset-Based Technologies
  • GPS:Through satellites and only effective for outdoor uses (Accuracy: 30-100m)
Cellular Network-Based Technologies
  • Cell-ID: Cell of Origin based on the ID of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) (Accuracy: 200-5000m)
  • Cell Tower Triangulation: Enhanced Cell ID based on multiple BTS tower calculations. Used methods are AOA (Angle of Arrival), TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival), TOA (Time of Arrival), and others. (Accuracy: 50-1000m)
Hybrid Technologies
  • A-GPS: Assisted GPS is the combination of GPS and GSM positioning systems for better outdoor and indoor positioning. (Accuracy: 20-30m)
Infrastructure-Based Technologies
  • Wi-Fi: Instead of mobile BTS, it uses Wi-Fi signals (Accuracy: 3-10m Indoor 20-30m Outdoor)
  • Bluetooth: Beacon, iBeacon, and other LEB chipsets use ultrasound Transmitting technologies to calculate signals (Accuracy: 3-10m)
  • RFID & NFC: Based on Radio Communication technologies it works only with proximity of the devices involved to transmit the data in highly secure and accurate manners (Accuracy: A few cm)

How LBS Helps the Business?

Today LBS has the potential to help the different scales of companies or organizations with Remote workers, Remote assets, and Fleets like various ways. The overall impact of LBS on the businesses is resulting into the

How LBS Helps the Business?

Increased Growth

  • Acquiring and Engaging Customers
  • Cost Cutting
  • Bring Innovations
  • Business process Improvements
  • Implementation and upgrade of the firm applications
  • Enhancing the business infrastructure
  • Bolstering business efficiencies
  • Improving business operation
  • Enhancement in continuity, risk, and security of the business

Where LBS Used?

It is nearly impossible to list all the contexts where we can use LBS applications, but following ways are common for the various businesses and industries.

  • - Proximity-based Advertising & Marketing
  • - Targeted Sales Offerings
  • - Emergency & Healthcare Services
  • - Driving Assistance/Navigation
  • - Secure People-Locating Services (Friends, Family Members, Employees)
  • - Mobile Location-Based Entertainment and Gaming
  • - Store Locator Services
  • - Indoor Object Search
  • - Local Traffic Updates
  • - Information Services
  • - Mobile Workforce Management
  • - Local Weather Information
  • - Alerts and Notification Delivery Services
  • - Mobile City Guides for Traveling and Tourist Attractions
  • - Vehicle Theft Detection & Roadside Assistant Services
  • - Fraud Prevention Services
  • - Location Based Social Media
  • - Sports & Tracking
  • - Geo-tagging
  • - Geo-fencing
  • - Real-time & History-based Tracking
  • - Billing
  • - Augmented Reality

LBS Services We at Addon Technologies Offer

We have spent almost a decade in GPS-based application development, embedded technology apps, and now hands on expertise in IoT. Such vast and diverse experiences enable us to prove the real contenders for the Location-Based Services, and we deliver outstanding services with following scopes.

  • Location-Based Mobile App GUI Designing
  • LBS mobile app development services
  • LBS iPhone App Development Services
  • LBS iPad App Development Services
  • LBS Android App Development Services
  • LBS Windows Mobile App Development Services
  • LBS Web App Development Services
  • LBS Application Testing Services
  • LBS Integration & Implementation Services
  • LBS Support, Maintenance, And Upgrade Services
LBS Services We at Addon Technologies Offer

Why Addon Technologies Would be Your Choice for LBS Development?

Addon Solutions has a team of the web and mobile developers with flairs in different Location-Based Services (LBS) application development technologies, tools, and techniques.
We have adequate experiences and expertise in following LBS technologies and services.

Map Data Compilation Services

We have tools and solid skills in the map data processing to yield the variety of data formats with the best map data compilation.

Map Updates & Maintenance Services

Keeping the Map Data current, real-time updates are essential, so we help the application and owners to process the uninterrupted streams of updates from the Map Data suppliers/vendors.

Advanced Geospatial Algorithm Software Development Services

We are good at custom geospatial algorithm software designing and programming for different purposes such as

POI Processing Services

We have vast expertise in the POI data processing so we can help you in the

Competitive Analysis

We have acquired in-depth skills and experiences in the detailed analysis and comparison of the map databases provided by the industry leaders/vendors

Location-Based Analytics

It is true that tying the disparate location data together and extracting fruitful insights are daunting hard work demanding, but we do in favor of our patrons and help them to navigate the location data in the analytic environment

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